Was Your Child Injured During Birth?

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Your child may be entitled to a lifetime of care.

What You Should Know

Most parents don't know that birth injuries are often caused by a medical mistake. If your child was injured during your pregnancy, labor or delivery or shortly after birth, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement from the insurance company. 

We understand that raising a child with special needs can make life extremely difficult for you...constant doctor visits, special care, overwhelming bills. We know the struggles of caring for a child with special needs and could help make life easier for your whole family.  We could help get a wheelchair that fits, a stander, bath chair, or ANY of the special care devices that could make life easier for you and your child. 

If your child was born with cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or another birth injury, your child may be entitled to a lifetime of care. 

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The Goldwater Law Firm fights for victims of medical mistakes. Along with our partner firms, we help you get the compensation you deserve when you or your child has been injured by a doctor or hospital. 

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Your child's injury could have been prevented. You deserve to know the truth about what happened. Hold the people who did this  RESPONSIBLE! Your child deserves it.

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